When we started Tivoli Ballet School, it was important to us to open a ballet school with a focus on quality teaching from some of the best teachers and ballet masters in Denmark. It was also important for us to establish a ballet school where children and young adults have the opportunity to start and gradually improve their skills in a safe, happy and pleasant environment. Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all was to offer our students at Tivoli Ballet School the opportunity to perform on stage in some of Tivoli Ballet Theatre's performances at both the Pantomime Theatre and the Concert Hall.

The dream is now a reality and we are extremely pleased and very proud of the Tivoli Ballet School's educational program, which we have introduced. We are confident that it will attract children and young adults with the passion to dance, and we very much look forward to welcoming many more new students into Tivoli.

Director of Tivoli Ballet Theater             Director of Tivoli Ballet School
Peter Bo Bendixen                                   Niels Balle