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The Franklin Method - Embody Your Dancing
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 The Franklin Method - Embody Your Dancing
This workshop is designed to give the dancer the edge in training, at the audition and on the stage. A clear grasp and access to the body/mind interphase makes the difference between being good and being the best you can be.
You will be introduced to a variety of imagery, movement and self touch exercises aimed at improving dance technique, alignment and
flexibility. Movement science have shown that connecting technical expertise with imagery skills is one of the keys to consistent improvement.
• To be stronger, fitter, safer & more expressive in dance
• To address common areas of interest of dancers: Balance, feet,
turn out, flexibility,
• How to use all types of Imagery to improve Technique
• How to improve your plie by activating and synchronizing the
internal bone rhythms..
• How to use your body mind continuum for the most effective
training and learning..
• How organs influence and enhance your shoulder movement
your port de bras and freedom of the upper torso
• Self touch exercise to activate the fundamental design of your
feet better balance and higher jumps.
• Dance conditioning exercises using elastic band and ball
exercises will help us to create fitness
05.04.2020 kl. 11.00 - 05.04.2020 kl. 14.00
Tivoli Ballet School, Tietgensgade 12, Copenhagen
450,00 kr.
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