How to enter Tivoli: 

Enter Tivoli through the back entrance Tietgensgade 12 - opposite of Glyptoteket: 
Turn left and walk through the Asian area and continue towards the arcade and the Concert Hall:

How to find the canteen and Lille Prøvesal:  


Right next to 'Den Flyvende Kuffert' turn left to enter the blue door next to 'Den Flyvende Kuffert':
Follow the path until you reach a door with a small staircase. Enter the building and walk up the stairs until you reach the canteen. Parents can wait here during ballet class. New students will be picked up here for their first class in Lille Prøvesal:
Our dressing rooms are on the 2 nd floor in the Concert Hall: 203 for girls, and 'Bomberummet for boys'  - door opposite 203. 
How to get to Skoletjenesten studio/Undervisning i Tivoli:
Walk through the arcade and along the Concert Hall by 'Astronomen': 
Down the stairs and along the Concert Hall:
Walk past the Ballonboden and Little Tivoli: 
Skoletjenesten/Undervisning i Tivoli is located next to 'Bjørnejagten'. Walk up the stairs and step inside the door. Welcome!