The Pantomime Theatre in Tivoli is so unique that you won't find another theatre similar to it around the world. This also applies to the classic pantomime performances. The oldest of the performances with its Danish traditions dates back well over 200 years. In all the pantomimes, the story is based around the young lovers, Harlequin and Columbine who must fight for their love, whilst Columbine's father, Cassander, and his servant, the white clown, Pierrot, do their utmost to prevent this from happening. The original pantomime tradition was founded from the 400 year old Italian Commedia dell Arte farces from the Renaissance.

The Pantomime Theatre has a total of 16 pantomime performances in its repertoire, most dating back from 1850's.

Around 1910, there were also ballet performances at the Pantomime Theatre, often based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. Music from such diverse composers as Offenbach, HC Lumbye, Niels Viggo Bentzon, Ravel and Philip Glass was played.

Since 2001, choreographer Dinna Bjørn, set designer Queen Margrethe II and composer James Price have created a number of family ballets based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales.